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By Singer Staff

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HER Realtors north Dayton offices, 3452 York Commons Boulevard, opened in the York Commons-Miller Lane Business District in November 2013. In just two years, the broker is ranked third in the Dayton region with $90.5 million in sales volume.

The business of real estate has picked up in recent years and the Butler Township market is right on pace. In fact, the demand in the Butler Township area has been strong. Just over a year ago, in November 2013, a newer brokerage firm, HER Realtors, opened its doors in the York Commons-Miller Lane Business District at 3452 York Commons Boulevard.

This comes only two years after the brokerage firm opened its first office in Dayton by merging with Real Living Realty Services. HER Realtors ranks third in the Dayton-metro market, with $90.5 million sales in 2014 with 776 transactions, trailing just behind Coldwell Banker and Irongate, respectively. In 2014, the company had nearly $2 million in sales volume in Butler Township alone.

“The numbers speak for themselves. The demand for an office in the Butler Township area was quickly apparent from when the group first opened and has proven itself,” said Matthew Watercutter, Regional Vice President of Greater Miami Valley Region for HER Realtors.

Under Watercutter’s direction, nearly 60 agents serve the Butler Township area from their home base in the York Commons-Miller Lane Business District office.

“On behalf of these agents, I want the Butler Township community to know we are proud to make Butler Township the home of the HER Realtors-north headquarters. It is a great area of growth and development that we are proud to be a part of,” said Watercutter.

Butler Township has a “strong, diverse market with great commercial properties. This area has opportunities for first-time homebuyers as well as the very nice homes we would refer to as estates.” With reasonable home prices and the conveniences of the York Commons-Miller Lane Business District and the proximity to major roadways such as the “Crossroads of America” (I-70/I-75). Watercutter wants residents to know the Butler Township area is one of the premier locations to buy a home in the region.

Currently, the Butler Township real estate market is a seller’s market. “I would consider Butler Township to be a high demand area that attracts homebuyers from around the region,” said Watercutter. The absorption rate also shows the demand of the area.

“The best way to know the key sales price of a home is by evaluating the absorption rate. This is the number of homes for sale in a certain area, divided by the number of homes that have sold in the previous month. This will give you an absorption rate. If this rate is more than 20 percent, this means the market is in favor of the seller. In the case of Butler Township this rate is right above 20 percent.”

As one of the managing directors leading the charge for making HER Realtors number one in the Dayton market, Watercutter says the success of his company can be attributed to the company’s focus on agent training and development. “Real estate is very local. When someone is in the market to buy or sell a home, they do not hire an agent because of the agency they represent – they hire the agent. Customer service is first and foremost in our business.”

While building relationships with customers, both buyers and sellers, is important – another good relationship essential is with local municipalities. Watercutter, a 10-year veteran of the industry, has seen both sides and is relieved to have such a strong level of support from the Butler Township and Vandalia municipalities.

In addition to residential sales, HER Realtors also is involved in the commercial market. Currently, commercial real estate accounts for 10 percent of sales annually in the Dayton region. Watercutter says they hope to see this side of their business grow along with the residential division as they get better acquainted to the Dayton market.

The HER Realtors group is an Ohio-born company, beginning nearly 60 years ago in Columbus.

HER Realtors currently claims the number one realtor spot in Columbus, selling one in four houses. “A share of 25 percent of the market is almost unheard of in our business. It says a lot to be No. 1. Butler Township and the Dayton region are next – just wait and see!” said Watercutter.